What Tenant Problems Do Mobile Home Park Owners Face?

In a mobile home park, managing tenants is one of the biggest responsibilities of a park owner. In this article, we’ll talk about three things: 1) common tenant problems that face mobile home park owners; 2) how to screen tenants for the best chances of getting good ones; and 3) how to get rid of your mobile home park if you’re sick of tenant management.

Common Mobile Home Park Tenant Problems

Tenants who refuse to pay rent

Tenants who don’t pay their rent are more than an inconvenience. Their failure to pay the rent impacts the financial health of the park and its owner. If you’re running lean, a few non-paying tenants can have a serious impact on your ability to stay solvent.

Tenants who throw frequent loud parties

Mobile home park tenants who regularly throw parties with loud music and noisy guests become an irritant to other tenants in the park. If high-volume parties continue without resolution, tenants nearby may choose to move out of the park.

Tenants who entertain unsavory visitors

Tenants who appear to be shady are one thing, but if they regularly host visitors who also seem shady, it’s another thing. Is a drug deal going down? Is next door turning into a crack house? Are children safe going outside? Other tenants may ask these questions and start looking for elsewhere to live.

Tenants who don’t get along

Tenants in mobile home parks sometimes don’t get along with each other. They may have personality conflicts or lifestyle activities that clash. Some are vocal in their disputes, disturbing neighbors. It gets old for park owners who must constantly broker peace.

Tenants who break appliances

If the rental contract states that the park supplies appliances, you must deal with tenants who abuse them. Frequent repair calls and the cost of replacing broken or worn-out appliances take a toll on your resources.

Tenants who misunderstand about the security deposit

Tenants commonly misunderstand how security deposits may or may not be used. Some believe they can use the deposit to pay for their last month’s rent, even if the rental contract states otherwise. Conversations with such a tenant are not usually pleasant.

Tenants who violate rules

Tenants who violate contract rules and park rules must be handled. Some tenants violate rules unintentionally and cooperate when confronted. Other tenants violate rules willfully and do not cooperate. A park owner may have to threaten eviction and be prepared to follow through.

Tenants who must be evicted

Sometimes evictions are a necessary last resort after a tenant has ignored his or her chances to fall into compliance. Evictions take a park owner’s time, resources, and money. Few owners look forward to delivering an eviction notice, filing documentation in court, attending a court hearing, and trying to collect past-due rent.

    How to Screen Tenants

    Problem tenants are a pain in the park owner’s neck, but all park owners have them. A good screening process can reduce the number of problem tenants you have to manage. Don’t truncate the screening process, even if you have a “good feeling” about an applicant.

    • Run a thorough background check. Verify work and rental histories.
    • Run a credit check with the applicant’s authorization.
    • Talk to previous landlords (in addition to an applicant’s current landlord).
    • Talk to the applicant; find out why they’re leaving their current rental and what they hope to experience in your mobile home park.
    • Talk to the applicant’s direct supervisor and ask what kind of employee he or she is.

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