The Difficulties of Selling a Mobile Home Park On Your Own

Are you looking to sell your mobile home park? Over the years, it probably has been a pretty good investment. You might have a tenant who manages the property for you and it has become a pretty good source of passive income. There does come a day when you might want to cash in on your investment. If you are trying to sell your mobile home park on your own, you might run into some challenges.

Most Realtors Don’t Know How To Sell a Mobile Home Park

In the United States, there are only about 44,000 mobile home parks. The small majority of these are properties that are owned by private investors. Due to the boom in the housing economy, most realtors are focused on selling new homes. The scarcity of mobile home parks and the low number of properties that go up for sale each year makes it hard to find a realtor who has the skills to sell a mobile home park.

Mobile Home Parks Are Often In Areas Where It’s Hard To Find a Qualified Buyer

Most mobile home parks in the United States are located in the South, especially in states like Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia. While many cities have trailer parks, many more trailer parks are located in rural areas. If you own a mobile home park in one of these areas, it might be hard to find a buyer who can buy the park outright. You might have to work out some owner financing agreement to sell the park over time. If you work with Mobile Home Park Instant Offer, you will be able to become free and clear of your mobile home park. Nationwide, mobile homes are about 6% of the housing inventory available. However, if you go to a rural area, mobile home parks are about 14% of the available housing inventory.

Your Mobile Home Park Could Be In Disrepair

If you try to sell your trailer park on your own, you will likely have to upgrade the property. This can include a wide variety of expenditures to make the property attractive to a buyer, such as having to:

  • Add metering to each unit so that each tenant is responsible for their utilities.
  • Upgraded amenities like parking.
  • Make sure that each lot is habitable.

Mobile Home Park Instant Offer buys the property from you as is, makes any necessary repairs, and manages it so that you can walk away with cash in hand.

You Haven’t Made the Property an Opportunity For a Buyer

If you are like most mobile home park owners, you might be a small family or mom-and-pop operation. Most mobile home park owners don’t raise the rent very much year over year. The average rent for trailer park lots increases about 3% each year nationwide. In comparison, apartment rent increased by 24.4% between 2019 and 2020. If you haven’t increased your rent for quite some time or by much, you may not have made the property an attractive enough opportunity for a buyer.

Work With Mobile Home Park Instant Offer

If you want to sell your mobile home park, why not try and get a cash offer. Mobile Home Park Instant Offer can help you sell your property fast by making you a cash offer. Instead of trying to sell your park on your own or through a realtor, you can easily cash out of your investment.