What Is the Best Way To Sell a Mobile Home Park?

Mobile home parks are a great investment. They are a great way to monetize a medium-sized piece of property. They are often a good alternative to rental homes and other types of real estate and can supplement your portfolio nicely. There comes a time however, when you want to part with the property, either to pursue other investment opportunities or the park is no longer worth keeping. There are several different ways to sell your mobile home park:

  • You can find a real estate agent who specializes in selling mobile home parks.
  • You can do a for sale by owner sale of your mobile home park.
  • You can get a cash offer on your mobile home park from an investor.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each situation.

Finding a Real Estate Agent That Sells Mobile Home Parks

A real estate agent that lists mobile home parks will be able to place your mobile home on the MLS. Here are some of the benefits of using a realtor to sell your mobile home park:

  • You don’t have to worry about the cost of inspections, as that gets passed onto the buyer.
  • Depending upon where the park is located, the realtor will use their network of buyers to sell the property.
  • A realtor might often be able to get you the selling price that you are looking for.

Some of the biggest drawbacks of using a realtor include a longer selling time and having to make upgrades to the property if there are any issues during the inspection. If the trailer park is in a rural area, you may have a hard time selling the property quickly.

Selling Your Mobile Home Park On Your Own

Selling a trailer park on your own is often an enticing way to sell the property if you have a few select buyers in mind. Typically, anywhere from 4% to 8% of the realtor’s commission price can be saved. 

Selling a mobile home park on your own, however, can be challenging. If you don’t market the property correctly, you miss out on the competitive process that a broker brings. Without knowing how to market a property, you might not have a strong probability of selling the property at a desirable price point. Additionally, without background in selling, you run the risk of the buyer renegotiating to a price point that they want.

Have Someone Make a Cash Offer On Your Mobile Home Park

For most people, selling their mobile home park to a real estate investor is the best option. Many mobile home parks are in good enough shape, but would require some work after an inspection. Also, if there are any issues with the property, the investor will often buy the property as is. If you work with Mobile Home Park Instant Offer, you can get a cash offer within as little as 24 hours and potentially sell your property within seven days.