What Type of Mobile Home Parks Are Investors Looking For?

There are many different investment strategies when it comes to purchasing a mobile home park. Some investors are looking for a park that is in great shape, full, and has no issues. Other investors like to start with a smaller park and grow its value over time. In other situations, investors like to buy a full park with some issues, but raise rent to make the park earn more money. Let’s take a look at the different options investors have when it comes to the type of trailer park they may wish to buy.

The large stable park with no problems

Many investors are willing to pay a premium amount for a large stable park with no problems. This means that the lot is easy to fill, there are no structural problems, and no large capital investments will need to be made in the park. It may be hard to find a buyer for this type of park. Typically, these types of mobile home parks are sold through a realtor.

The park that is largely full, but has some problems

If you own this type of park, you will be able to sell your park pretty quickly. A fast cash offer on this type of mobile home park will get you a return on your original investment in the park and leave the investor with enough capital to make improvements in the park. This type of park will also be attractive for an investor because they can raise rents to recoup their investment in the park.

The turnaround park

By and far, the majority of the 40,000+ trailer parks in the United States are these types of parks. These parks have major obstacles that the current owner does not have the time, resources, or energy to overcome. These parks could have submetering problems, vacancy issues, and other problems. If you own one of these parks, you can likely find a company that will make you a fast cash offer.

How does a fast cash offer work on a mobile home park?

If you work with Mobile Home Park Instant Offer the process is simple. We will do an assessment of your mobile home park, make you an offer, and give you the time necessary to review it. We buy parks that are in any kind of shape. If you work with us, you can have an offer ready to sign quickly. Everything is done so that we can conveniently get you a fair offer and take your park off your hands quickly.