The Only Way To Sell Your Mobile Home Park

In the last twenty years, there has been a trend going on in mobile home parks. Large investment companies have purchased mobile home parks that are on the market. Approximately 100,000 mobile home parks were owned by large firms in 2019. The typical family-owned trailer park can prove difficult to sell. Most trailer parks are located in rural areas, and it can be hard to find a buyer. There are not a lot of realtors who specialize in mobile home parks, and a potential buyer can find it hard to find financing through a traditional bank. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a fast cash offer to sell your mobile home park through Mobile Home Park Instant Offer.

The current state of the typical mobile home park

If your family has owned a mobile home park for a few generations, you might have some of the following issues:

  • Lack of submetering for utilities. 
  • Poor roads with potholes, because of lack of maintenance.
  • Mobile home lots that are empty or occupied with an uninhabitable mobile home.
  • Poor cash flow because you have not raised rent over the years.

Many mobile home park owners may be at odds with cities, especially over zoning rules, the state of the park, and utilities.

Who typically buys mobile home parks?

Large investment firms are typically buying up mobile home parks. These firms will typically buy out the owner for as little as possible, put a little bit of money back into the park, and raise rents as soon as they buy it. 

In many cities in the United States, new mobile home park construction is not allowed. Therefore, larger investment firms see the opportunity to take over an existing mobile home park.

Your mobile home park may no longer be profitable for you

If your mobile home park is in poor condition, it may no longer be profitable for you. If you recently did some renovation work, you might not be making money because you haven’t raised rent for tenants enough over the years. You may also not have enough lots for your park to be a profitable source of income. 

Sell your mobile home park to the right investor

If you don’t want to work with one of the larger investment firms that are out there, or you haven’t gotten the right offer, Mobile Home Park Instant Offer may be able to take it off your hands. We can make you a fast cash offer, buy it from you even if you have tenants, and let you have the exit strategy that you want. Work with Mobile Home Park Instant Offer today.