Your Mobile Home Park Could Be a Gold Mine For the Right Investor

Mobile home parks are disappearing in the United States for a wide variety of different reasons. There are only 44,000 mobile home parks in the country and 4,000 of these are owned by property investors. For some communities, mobile home parks are disappearing because of new property developments. Some mobile home parks are owned by small family operations that don’t raise rent enough to keep up with the cost of maintaining the park. If you are looking to get rid of your mobile home park you should consider a fast cash offer from Mobile Home Park Instant Offer.

Why Do Investors Want To Make Fair Cash Offers On Your Mobile Home Park?

New mobile home parks in the United States are rare. When a property comes up for sale, these are huge investment opportunities. When Mobile Home Park Instant Offer is looking for a mobile home park to purchase, they are looking for a few different things:

  • Lots that could be developed into quality locations in nice neighborhoods.
  • Lots that can be expanded to hold newer homes and meet local code requirements.
  • Updating the mobile home park so that it can easily pass inspections ad get permits.
  • Properties to be developed into affordable lots for residents but can make them a profit.

Why Is Your Mobile Home Park In Demand?

Mobile home parks are in demand by property investors like Mobile Home Park Instant Offer. First and foremost, tenants in mobile home parks tend to be an enticing source of income with a somewhat flexible rent base. Most tenants, 90%, are happy with their home and their park. Moreover, most mobile home park residents tend to stay in their mobile homes for at least a decade and 38% of mobile home park tenants never plan on moving.

Park upgrades and repairs, while they come with an initial cost, can be very lucrative in the long term as mobile home parks provide a stable and secure investment. A park upgrade or conversion might not be something that the average owner has the capital to undertake on their own. Mobile home parks are also highly recession-resistant. In fact, during the most recent recession, mobile home parks proved to be a stable source of income for investors.

Mobile home parks are also becoming harder to find throughout the United States. Tenants in these parks are willing to pay more than in previous years for rent because affordable properties are often hard to find.

Work With Mobile Home Park Instant Offer

There are many reasons to work with Mobile Home Park Instant Offer. Listing with a broker can be hard because many realtors are not experienced in selling these properties. Many realtors will list the property for months just to see if they can sell it. If you try doing owner financing, you could be working with someone who might not stick with the property in the long term. If you want to get rid of your trailer park, we’ll make you a fair cash offer and help you get rid of the property fast.